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At MC Machinery Equipment we understand that any loss in productivity directly impacts our customers' bottom line. That's why we place so much importance on our after sales service.

MC Machinery Equipment are the leading official McCloskey parts and spares supplier in the UK. We have spent years building a responsive service that will always give you the best back-up available.

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MC Machinery Equipment

MC Machinery offers robust and reliable mobile crushers and mobile screeners for the materials processing industry. The high performance range of jaw, impact and cone crushers, and screeners combine productivity with outstanding durability to achieve the most efficient levels of product reduction across primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and screening applications.

Jaw Crushers

J35, J40 Jaw Crusher, J45 Jaw Crusher, J50 Jaw Crusher

Impact Crushers

I34 Impact Crusher, I44R Impact Crusher, I54R Impact Crusher

Cone Crushers

C38 Cone Crusher, C38R Cone Crusher, C44 Cone Crusher


High capacity, heavy duty, versatile machines built

MC Machinery can service machines worldwide to make sure your operation runs smoothly.

Recent News

30 June 2019

What Mobile Crusher Do you Choose ?

Choosing the right mobile tracked crusher for you is both a critical business decision as well as a fundamental...

21 June 2019

Crushing Customer Expectations in Scotland

Proud to be the largest independent manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening equipment in the world...

15 June 2019

MC Machinery J35 When Size Really Does Matter

London based Metro Concrete explain the advantages of NEW MC Machinery Compact Jaw Crusher.

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